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For what reason does the shipping line charge demurrage and detention

In a compartment delivery line activity, the expense of the holder, fix, support, renting and so forth works out to around 20% of the transportation line's expense. A compartment, similar to a ship, will profit for its proprietor just when it is available for use and not when it is inert.

In the above case, the compartment remained for an additional 11 days with the proctor. This implies for those 11 days the compartment was out of the control of the transportation line which implied that this specific holder didn't yield any income for the delivery line for these 11 days.

The charging of the demurrage and confinement by the delivery line is their method for getting some remuneration for the period that this holder was out of the income producing cycle.

Be that as it may, there are a few discourses regarding whether demurrage and confinement charges are defended. You can choose which side you are on.